A Slot Game for the Strategist

So, if you enjoy instant win, scratch and slot types of games, but wish they were a little more interactive or complicated sometimes, I’ve got just the online game for you. It’s slots, but with a crazy twist. Crazy in that it involves actual strategy, and also crazy in that that’s the name of the game: Crazy Slots. It was just unleashed few years back and let me just say, it is one addictive game. Games like these can be found on these sites!

There are 4 slots, each with 3 reels and 5 paylines, equaling 20 paylines total. To win, you simply need 3 matching symbols on one of the paylines. Each winning line rewards you with a certain number of points and the number of points you collect x your wager determines how much you win. You have to get at least 100 points in order to earn any actual money, but it isn’t that hard if you know what you’re doing.

You see, what makes this so innovative and one of the best casino games out there is that the 4 slots are empty (no reels). Instead, you get 1 reel (of 3 symbols) at a time at the top of the screen. You decide which slot this reel will go into. You are limited in that the reel automatically goes into the left-most reel slot, so you can’t place the symbols in the middle or to the right. This also means that whatever reel you put into an empty slot is going to be the first reel, and will therefore determine the symbols that can be made into a possible winning payline.

If you secure a win-line of any value in 3 slots, the payout is multiplied by 1.5; it’s multiplied by 2 if you get a win-line in all 4 slots. 9 matching symbols equals an additional 200 bonus points. 3 Crazy Slots symbols gets you a random payout, as if you had gotten a winning line with some other symbol. You can bet anywhere between £.02 and £20. I personally felt like the overall payoff was less than expected, although the actual payout percentage right now is up at 97.8%. Still, even if you play it in demo mode (which is always available on most popular online casinos out there), it will keep you cheerfully occupied for quite a while. You won’t even care if you’re playing with real money or winning!